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Hello unknowners!!!

1.8 is here and with it i want to do some new things and also some big resets to the server to bring the life back. here are some of the things i want to do. i would like to reset the world so we will have a new open world to play on. i want to reset the ranks. that's donation ranks to but you will still have a donation rank i want to take the server thats right now and move it to a side side server so people that want to play with the old ranks and world can do so.

so all donaters right now will still get the donation rank that work with the minecraft rules. but i want to hear what you guys think. the main reason i want to reset the ranks is for the eco to be in good shape cause right now donation can brake the eco is one /kit. im thinking about makeing a rank that will show that you are an old donater. we can work on a name for the 2 ranks here.

plugins, i want to rework all the plugins so start with the needs then work them to what we think is good and fair for the players to play. so i would start with towny and work my way to the smaller plugins. 

i want a town based shop systems so no admin shops. i want you guys to make up the price. we can work on this to make it easy for people to use and sell items.this will make towns fun you can start trading with towns and if they dont pay or you get killed on the way you can go to war with the people/town that killed/dont pay you and its all out war. "no town is safe"

as for staff we wont be doing a full reset but some people with no to little play time will be demoted. so new staff members will be picked. as of right now we only need 4 max pre time zones (usa, uk, china). with more players i will bring that number up and get more staff as needed.

i dont know about this but its a idea thats came to mind. what about local chat only so you cant talk to people pass xx number of blocks. but / msg will still work the same just no more gobal chat. this is just a idea. im trying to make it fell like a real world. 

if you have any questions just ask  down below!!

The Reset

[Owner] Wintrymushroom a posted Jul 25, 14

Here you have it the first of many nether and end restarts. we will try to do it ever month or so. have fun! 

The Unknown Staff.

 Unknowner get your Voting on. The voting system has been fix and you'll now get 1000 dollars per vote (in game money if anyone wanted to know.....). You'll also get 1 point per each vote. The Points aren't added yet but they will be soon. 

the more voting we do the more people will get on and the faster we get updates out. plus new staff.