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When 1.8 comes out it may break the server and some if the plugins. 

you can read what it is HERE.

it may or not need us to restart the server yet again. im hoping not. What i well have to do is re wright most of the code on the server that has to do with username saving like ranks for one and mcmmo. 
[Squire] evandog20 Ok thanks wintry because im nt chanign mine i like it ;)
TrapOrDie_187 I think it will be annoying I don't think I will ever change my name after the update.
[Owner] Wintrymushroom a it more that if you were to change your name when 1.8 is out your rank would still be with the old name. that cause the ...
Should we enable weather on the server?

[Mod] dhrfamilygb Yeah, I thought I could, make a vid about it but it doesn't matter ill make it once its done
[Mod] dhrfamilygb How can I access it if it is already out?
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